Payment methods

    1. Through PayPal
    2. By depositing into a bank account

    You have the option to pay your order to one of the following face-to-face accounts of our company by sending us a copy of the bank’s proof of payment at Fax: +30 210 5904753 or email [email protected] within two (02) working days from the date of submission of your order.

    Piraeus: IBAN: GR16 0172 1020 0051 0209 2665 050

    IBAN GR1601721020005102092665050

    Account: 5102092665050

    Beneficiary: Panagiotis A. Grafakos

    ALPHA BANK: IBAN: GR55 0140 1490 1490 0200 2004 112

    Account: 149 00 2002 004112

    Beneficiary: Panagiotis A. Grafakos

    1. Through Credit Card

    – It is possible to pay your order through the following credit cards:




    Security of Transactions via Credit Card

    – The purchases of products or services are secured through a special service of the Bank of Piraeus.

    – The screen / web page where you enter your card details is provided by Piraeus. The data

    of your card are encrypted and sent to your card issuer to approve the charge.

    – Caution: This information is not shared with any third party (nor with the provider of the product / service you are purchasing).

    The technologies and systems used to protect your markets include:

    – Encrypt your card details (SSL 128).

    A high level of security is ensured by the following:

    – Information about the card (card number, CVV2, expiration date) is transmitted / transmitted over the Internet in encrypted form (128-bit encryption) and can not be accessed from our online store.

    – The systems and procedures used by Piraeus block third parties access to their data and information systems.

    – The e-commerce service is managed by authorized persons of the business, to which access codes (username, password) are given.

    – If the issuing bank supports the use of a secret code to perform on-line card payments, and the cardholder has received such a code, the Proxypay3 E-Commerce Service automatically asks our customer to enter his / her secret code.

    – In conclusion, the Proxypay3 eCommerce Service follows best international e-commerce payment practices and is also fully compliant with VbV (Verified by Visa) standards for secure online card payments. All transactions that you make through our e-shop are governed by International and European Law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which deals with issues related to electronic commerce distance sales.

    In case you choose to pay by credit card, you must be present when you receive your order with your credit card and your identity. In this case (ie, payment by credit card), the order can not be received by a third party. To receive from a store, the credit card holder must provide his / her credit card and identity card. The same applies if you order on behalf of a company. In this case, the card must be corporate and the recipient’s name must be on the car

    Pay the courier upon receving your order of at your personal space. The method of payment on cash-on-delivery applies only for Greece

    If you do not have the method of cash on delivery, you can choose between a credit card or a bank deposit





    By receiving and paying your order at the store.

    Make your order from and pick up your products the next day from the store