Morpheus good sleep tea


Morpheus good sleep Tea

Morfeas Bed time Lelex tea
Now sleep easily and deeply

Sip the stress away with a delicious blend of nature’s most powerful sleep-inducing properties. Who knew? With the right cup of tea, you can calm the mental chatter, relax every cell in your body, and create the perfect environment for a deep and restorative sleep – every single night.

Our Morpheus Good Sleep Tea features a carefully formulated blend of 17 herbs, each cherished throughout history for their powerful relaxing properties. These include calming chamomile, nervous system quieting valerian, detoxifying lime, and anxiety-fighting passionflower.

And let’s not forget about wild rose for immune system support, inflammation-combatting safflower, nutritious anise, and antioxidizing licorice. These ingredients have been shown to decompress neurons to potentially lift feelings of stress and anxiety.

Coupled with the soothing sensation of mint and the comforting effects of lavender, this mouth-watering concoction will help you finally know what it’s like to close your eyes and forget about the world ‘till morning. Naturally sweetened with stevia for organic sweetness without the unnecessary sugar high.

Morpheus Good Sleep Tea features mighty natural ingredients chosen for their well-researched ability to help you fall – and stay – asleep. Enjoy in the hours before bed for a restful evening, sending you into a deep state of relaxation before you lay your head to rest.

For maximum results, try alternating your Morpheus Good Sleep tea with our other blends to promote holistic well-being in both your waking and sleeping hours.

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Now sleep easily and deeply

Morpheus good sleep chai
Morfeas herbal blend for Bed time Lelex tea

Εύκολος ύπνος

The 17 herbs in Morfeas Lelex tea are carefully selected to give you a pleasant sleep. Based on the well-known for its natural relaxing valerian skills, the journey to Morpheus’s embrace continues with the help of humble chamomile and lily. Known from antiquity, both plants for pressure parking and decompression of neurons naturally manage to drive stress and prepare the body for a light and enjoyable sleep.


The mixture contains valerian, chamomile, lime, passionflower, wild rose, valerian, safflower, anise, licorice, mint, cistus incanus, hawthorn, lavender, lemon, lemon verbena, melissa, passion, orange, stevia, tallow, chamomile.

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