Aphrodite tea for slimming and detoxifying


Aphrodite tea for slimming and detoxifying

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Our blend of herbs for ideal weight Aphrodite Lelex tea

Ideal weight

Mixture of 21 herbs, the Aphrodite Lelex Tea mix is ​​based on Cream, lemon, green tea and birch. Analytically, birch has diuretic capabilities and with potassium-rich leaves protects against potassium deficiency with respect to other diuretics. Loose helps to eliminate cellulite and detoxify the body as it speeds up metabolism and in combination with green tea the benefits appear faster. Creatine has the highest polyphenol content of any plant in Europe, with its surprising ability to destroy free radicals as well as high antioxidant activity. A blend that helps to lose weight in a healthy way and get a glowing complexion.


The mixture contains wild rose, wild boar, artichoke, Achilles, basil, raspberry, rosemary, cistus incanus ,mint, lemon, lemon verbena, fennel seeds, melissa, peppermint, orange, green tea,Sambucus nigra, birch, sherry, taraxac, nettle, sage, chamomile

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The mixture contains Cynodon dactylon, Rosa carniva, Achillea, Basil, Rubus, Rosemary, Menta Spicata,  Rockrose, Lemon, Aloysia citrodora, Foeniculum vulgare), Fennel, Melissa officinalis, Mentha, Orange , Camelia sinensis, Sambucus nigra, Betula, Sideritis , Taraxacum off.  Urtica (Nettle ), Sage, Matricaria chamomilla


1-2 καλές κουταλιές τσαγιού
σε 475 ml (gr)    95 ℃ / 200 ℉ νερού για ζεστό τσάι   ή 295 ml. ( γρ.) για παγωμένο
για 5+ λεπτά
ή ζεστό ή ζεστό με πάγο για παγωμένο τσάι

Πιείτε το ζεστό ή συμπληρώνεται με πάγο για παγωμένο τσάι

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