I am Panagiotis Grafakos, the man who envisioned and founded LelexTea.

Nature has generously embraced our place by giving it a wide variety of aromatic and therapeutic plants. Born and raised in our family estate Graphakos, on the slopes of  Taygetus  Sparta , I interacted with these treasures from an early age, I learned to recognise their importance and developed over the years vast love and respect for these great gifts.

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of nature and from the ancient tradition left to us by the first botanist King of Mani Peninsula , Leleca LELEX  and guided by the valuable family recipes, but also our desire to return to our roots, we started in 2017 our little family project, Leleges LelexTea.

Our goal is, by combining traditional recipes with modern research and studies, to bring people together with the natural wealth of our place, offering them, biological botanical mixtures of excellent quality and herbs of high aromatic and taste value, which will reach their hands having maintained the 100% of their therapeutic activity.

Our vision is for more and more people in Greece and in the world to be common to our efforts, and to enjoy the beneficial benefits of our beverages in terms of health, wellness and beauty every day.

We are proud of the awards that have received with distinction 3 of our premium  blends 300 Spartans , Aphrodite Be style , Summer tea in the Great Taste Awards 2020 international competition.

Our herbs are either self-inflicted on the slopes of our mountains, or have been cultivated biologically in the Grafakos estate, in Mani Peninsula, having applied all the techniques required to maintain the natural balance and fertility of the soil, or they are biocides from small-scale plants in Peloponnese, Macedonia, Epirus, Crete, etc region of Greece Hellas. They do not contain fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics or hormones. 0% additional

We are present throughout the production process: from the field to the final performance of the product, making sure that we leave a minimum footprint on the environment.  The harvesting, decoupling and sorting of herbs are carried out manually with great patience and respect, in order to prevent the plant from strain and to avoid its degradation. Then here comes natural traditional drying. Finally, we ourselves are packing our herbs gas-tight in ecological, recyclable, zip lock packaging to protect them from sun, moisture and excessive temperature.

The combination of herbs in our beverages is based on their pharmaceutical properties and their harmonization, while their proportions are based on ancient and new recipes of our place.

All our mixtures contain, always in the appropriate analogy, our “child,” the herb with which we grew up, and of which we are particularly proud, Cistus incanus creticus rockrose, Hippocrates‘ favorite herb, Europe’s most antioxidant plant, the iama with distinct pharmaceutical properties. Our Cistus creticus series are uniqe worldwide

The mixtures have a net weight of 40gr. and yield about 80 cups of beverage. The ratio is half a teaspoon (0,5gr.) dry herbs for each cup of tea, which in combination with the correct diet brings the desired results.

* Before drinking, we would suggest that you consult your doctor

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