Our goal is for our herbs to maintain 100% of their therapeutic effect.

Most of the herbs we use for the mixtures are native or have been grown organically in the Grafakos Estate, Mani or in collaboration with other organic farmers

We take care of our herbs, so we can take care of you in the best way.

Our blends follow old recipes combined with new research studies and for this they are unique and effective.

  • Our cultivation is done with love and care for nature

  • The herbs are top quality and hand picked from the mountains

  • The ratios of herbs are correct based on ancient and new recipes.

  • Our packages are protected from sun, moisture and excessive temperature

Mixtures have a net weight of 40 grams. This allows the consumer to make about 80 cups of beverages, half a teaspoon of dry herbs each time. Dosage combined with proper nutrition and exercise brings the desired results..

* Before drinking, we would suggest that you consult your doctor

From the Grafakos estate, on the slopes of Taigetos, in the area of Mani, near Sparta, and guided by the ancient tradition left by the first botanist King of Mani, Leleka, we bring you our organic products..